Volunteer Coaches
Posted Jul 23, 2016

Thank you for volunteering to help AYSL provide a fun, safe place where our children can get some fresh air and enjoy activities with their friends. This organization would not be a success if it were not for your efforts and dedication. We are grateful for your commitment to the community.We want to provide you the tools you need to succeed. Coming up with coaching plans for practices can be difficult for a volunteer parent coach.

Here's a list of things we provide to help you succeed.

1. Any registered head coach who is interested in obtaining their F license (link here) will be reimbursed the cost to do so. This is an online course which you will have access to for 12 months . At the end of the season we will reimburse you the fee once you provide a copy of the certificate. You can email a copy to richardgajarsky@gmail.com.

2. All registered head coaches will also receive reimbursement of (1) one player registration at the completion of the season.

3. We will recruit a parent as the Team Manager to handle communications between you and the team.

4. Assistant Coach - Should work, school or family life prevent you from making practice or a game we will have a volunteer team parent ready to fill in for you.

5. Pro Pool Practice. Several times per season we will hold a pool practice where professional coaches from Richmond Kickers will lead a group practice with all the teams. This is a great learning experience but your hands on help is still needed to manage your team.

6. We also provide practice supplies. Cones, soccer balls, pennies, first aid kits, etc.