About AYSL

We offer recreational (non-competitive, no tryouts) soccer leagues each fall (early September through early November) and spring (mid-late March through Memorial Day) season for divisions U5/6, U8, U10, U12, U14 (and possibly U16, pending sufficient enrollment).

U 5/6 - combined ages, focuses on early development and understanding of the game. One practice during the week with a game on Sunday afternoon.

U8 - no goalie, strategy is to build passing and team play. Two practices each week, Tues/Thur, with a game on Sunday at 2PM.

U10 - goalies are introduced, building on the game, off sides and a build out line for playing out of the back is added. Practices twice a week, Tues/Thur, with games on Sunday at 3PM.

U12 - closer to a full size team and game with 9v9, off sides is called and team passing is continued as a focus. Practices are twice a week, Tues/Thur, with games on Sunday at 4PM.

U14/16 - This is a combined group with Rockville that plays throughout Richmond Rec. Saturday games and there is a different uniform. This is one of the few options for players to continue play that choose not to play for their MS or HS teams in a rec league.

All registrations are online, there are no mail-in forms to download.