Team Managers
Posted Jul 23, 2016

Starting at U8 and up, each team will be required to have a parent volunteer to perform the Team Manager duties. 

The Team Manager has a variety of responsibilities and duties, which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Attend all Team Manager meetings. If you are unable to attend, appoint a representative from your team to be present. Meetings will be held on the 2nd Thursday of each month during the season. Location and time will be updated here. Communicate information from the coach to all team parents.
  • Coordinate uniform purchases for team members  
  • Organize a team snack schedule.
  • Arrange team meetings at the coach’s request.
  • Assit in communications with other team managers to schedule make up games. Coordinate a referee with Dan McCallister -


  • Each team should have "team connect" enabled once the team has been formed.  This should help with organization.  Contact the lead admin if you haven't received a team connect invitation. 
  • Get other parents involved. Delegate duties and responsibility to other parents as appropriate and applicable 
  • Ask for a volunteer to be your back up to handle communications or attend Team Manager meetings when you are unavailable.
  • Remember that the coaches are responsible for coaching issues and team managers are responsible for the administrative matters and providing support. Respect the boundaries of your position.
  • Keep communications with other parent’s plain and frequent. Weekly or bi-weekly memos or e-mail messages are effective ways of ensuring parents receive complete and current information.  You can use team connect to send group emails and messages.